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Safety Tips for Swimming by the Pier

We have all heard once or twice not to swim by a pier, but what is the exact reasoning for this? While movies and TV shows have made it look fun to jump and splash around these structures, there are many underlying dangers. For one, many pier jumpers will face legal consequences. In Horry County, for example, there is a law in place for all swimmers to stay out 50 yards of any Myrtle Beach fishing pier.
The main concern, and reasoning for these laws, is fear of sharks. Although a shark’s feeding time is typically early in the morning or late in the evening, the constant flow of fishermen fuels the food supply for shark species such as spinner, blacktip, bull, and tiger. Instead of having to search the ocean for their next meal, many sharks know that the fishermen are dumping bait and injured fish into the water around the piers. This means less scavenging for the sharks, and more time spent eating the yummy snacks provided right off the dock.
Another concern is the height of many pier…

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