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Spring Cleaning and Donating

We’ve finally made it through Winter and into a beautiful Spring. With the rising temperatures and sunny days comes all the blooming flowers and trees, and a nasty layer of pollen. If you’re ready to get started on some much-needed Spring Cleaning, you’re not alone. Here are some ways to make your house shine this season!
The most common areas to target are the dusty spots. Start by wiping down the windows, sills, and blinds. Polish wood surfaces, too.
In the kitchen, clean out your sink. Cut up some lemon, lime, or orange peels into the disposal for a quick, fresh scent. Bonus, it helps sharpen the blades! The microwave can get pretty gross too, so giving that a wipe down is a good idea. Of course, clean up countertops and surface areas. If you’re looking for more organization, rearrange the pantry or refrigerator and throw out old products.
Shake out small rugs, including the mats outside! A clean welcome mat will make you feel better each time you walk into the house. You may also wa…

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